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PakStakandGo.com has a totally new take on the usually stressful time a move can be.  It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

PakStakandGo.com is so easy to use you can order on the go with your mobile!

Moving is one of life’s more stressful events. Pak Stak And Go was created to ease the pressures associated with moving.

If you are in need of a convenient, environmentally sound, and affordable alternative to using boxes for moving then Pak Stak And Go is your answer. Cardboard boxes only add to your hassles and overall expense to your move. Our aim is to make your move easy and affordable while minimizing the environmental impact of a move. Our eco-friendly reusable sterile moving bins and accessories related to moving are at your disposal!

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Simply fill out our handy order form, include the date and location of the move, and you can count on us to drop off your supplies.

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Use our bins to complete your move, hassle free.

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When you are through with your move, just stack up our bins and we will take it from there on the date indicated!

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