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A gray moving bin


Our bins are an eco-friendly alternative to cardboard boxes. They feature a interlocking lid keeping you items safe and secure. Its water resistant as well as bug and mold free. They come to you sterile and ready for packing. Included with each bin is an ecofriendly label

Dimensions :  3.32 cubic feet or 94L

Files inside a gray container

Smart File System

Available for our regular bins, this file system is great for transfering all your paper work with ease. Simply move your files from your filing cabinet to our system and you are good to go.

A green wardrobe box

Wardrobe Box

Wrinkled ,dirty, and wet clothes no more. These rentable hanging wardrobe boxes move your closet with ease and cleaniness. They feature a bar to hang all your closet contents and a wide opening to get them in and out easily. The bottom of the box is also great for pillows, lamp shades, and other akward items.

Dimensions : 14 cubic ft or 396L

A huge roll of brown paper


This green wrap ready roll is a protective cushion for your breakables and dishes. This is a great eco-friendly replacement to bubble wrap and foam.

A white paper

Plain Newsprint

This recycled and non-printed newsprint is great for packing dishes and other fragile items without all the dirt and stains from regular newspaper.

Dimensions : 23.5″ by 18″

A black stand of a storage box

Fitted Dolly

This dolly fits our regular moving bins to perfection. The bins nestle into the dolly safely and securely making it easy to move bins one at a time for packing or stacked up high for moving.

Two red carts

Appliance Dolly

Our appliance dollies are rated for all appliances of all sizes. They come with bumper pads and are steal constructed to be durable.